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Pellet Press model 125 series High-Flow, complete with conditioner / feeder and 6 mm die.
Pellet Press
Model 125 series

60 HP Pellet Press model 125 series, complete with die on frame with infeed-shute.
Pellet Press
Model 125 series

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Welcome to the PELLET PRESS website.

If you are looking for a pellet press, then you need look no further.

We have a large range of pellet presses for sale:

  • Used pellet presses for bio-fuel production.

  • Choice of die-sizes, spare parts always available.

  • Large selection of presses from 75 kW to 200 kW.

  • Wood-waste pellets, straw and grass pellets.

  • Grinders, driers and shredders also in stock.


Did you know that all the letters of our web address (domain name) at the top of the page are taken from pictures of pellets which have been produced from a pellet press?


Magic equation? Sawdust + wood shavings = PELLETS

Magic equation?

wood + sawdust = PELLETS!

For Sale


Complete Pelleting Plant consisting of * Andritz Milltech C165 Compress, 165kW motor, refurbished rollers and 6 mm die with stainless-steel door. * Tietjen Vibrating-Feeder with magnet, 150 kW Grinder with screens etc. * Millson 3-screw mixer.

This Pelleting plant consists of:

  • Andritz Milltech C165 Compress, 165 kW motor, refurbished rollers and die 6 mm stainless-steel door.

  • Andritz Press

  • Tietjen Vibrating-Feeder with magnet, 150 kW Grinder with screens etc.

  • feeder

  • Millson 3-screw mixer.

  • mixer

£ 31,000.00 ex yard.